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October 25, 2013 Scattered Sheep Recap: Patricia King, Who's Who in the Great Apostasy

Patricia King is the female equivalent of Christian TV's Sid Roth, both of whom interview guests on their programs that most believers would consider extreme. Perhaps that is why King's ministry and TV show is called Xtreme Prophetic. When you tune in, you will hear testimonies of heavenly encounters, dream interpretation, portal places where angels come and go into the earth realm and a variety of 'eye-witness' accounts of holy ghost feathers, oil, gold dust and gems planted by angelic beings.

A native of Canada, King has expanded from British Columbia to Arizona and now into Cambodia. In her vision statement on her website, King says, "The power of God is testified to as well as demonstrated on Extreme Prophetic Television. Viewers are captured by way-out and glorious stories of supernatural phenomena and encounters, all couched in a program full of personality, controversy and favor! Our vision is to demonstrate the POWER of God to the millions who are gravitating to a spiritual experience. The program introduces spiritual terms and encounters in a natural and "non-religious" way... In the 'God Says Hi!' segment specific words of knowledge are given to viewers to help them realize God is real, He knows everything about them, and that His heart is to love and encourage them in all that they do...Extreme Prophetic TV is purposefully 'out-there,' unafraid to break into new territories."

Her style is more akin to clairvoyance than to any gifts of the Holy Spirit. Where in Scripture does God prophesy using people's addresses or what clothes they're wearing or what message they can get from the bald spots on their chia pets? Her prophetic pronouncements would be more at home at a psychic faire than in any conceivable church gathering. 

In 2004, Charisma Magazine published an article favorable to King called 'Canadian Evangelist Takes Prophetic Ministry to the Extreme' written by former Kansas City Prophet Mike Bickle. Bickle wrote in his Loving God column, "King has become known as a Bible teacher who emphasizes prayer, evangelism and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She credits a 1994 visit to the Toronto Blessing renewal with spawning both a storm of questions and some 'amazing' spiritual experiences that motivated her to dig deeper in prayer and Bible study. The result was a teaching series about biblical encounters with a supernatural God. She later founded a 'glory school' and wrote a book, Third Heaven, Angels and Other Stuff."

Many of today's professing prophets point to the Toronto or the Brownsville 'revival' for their impartation into prophetic ministry. You will see the same names of their inner circle when any of them hold 'prophetic' conferences. Just this week Patricia King is conducting The Big Tent Event heralding a new move of the spirit trying to recapture the so-called anointing of the 'God's Generals' of the past such as Aimee Semple-McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, William Branham, and Oral Roberts. The usual slate of speakers included false teachers such as Roberts Liardon (who was exposed years ago for a long-term homosexual affair with his assistant pastor), Randy Clark (the man responsible for carrying Rodney Howard-Browne's holy laughter spirit to Toronto), Mark Chironna (the TBN 'prophet' who declared Benny Hinn the fulfillment of the prophecy of the coming of Elijah) and an assortment of other false prophets, many of whom were once affiliated with the Kansas City Prophets that featured 'super prophets' such as Paul Cain (another man exposed for homosexual liaisons) and Bob Jones, a good friend of Patricia King's (known for using his alleged prophetic office to get young women to disrobe for his pleasure.)

One of her speakers at The Big Tent Event is Randy DeMain who "shares about how the wicked [mutants] of Noah's day, the Nephilim, are once again walking the earth." He wrote a book on the topic but has a twist to the story and also teaches the serpent-seed doctrine. The evil half human/half demon Nephilim DeMain warns about are not giants as they are in the biblical account, but look totally normal like any human and you can only detect them if you have the spirit and can know them in how they resist your ministry. I wonder who they could be?? In a recent interview with Patricia King, DeMain he had a slip of the tongue referring to these Nephilim as "third wavers," quickly recovering and calling themselves something else. The Third Wave is something he and King would actually support - but the slip of the tongue gave them away - the 'third wavers' are indeed part demonic.

In the same interview with DeMain, both of them affirmed the 7-Mountain Mandate and connected it with the ministry of fellow false teacher Lance Wallnau, who is part of Fuller's C. Peter Wagner's NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). As with all dominionists, they teach that Christians must take over the world before Christ can come back.

King also is ecumenical and promotes unity with the Roman Catholic Church and is angry at 'critics' who see Rome as Mystery Babylon. She says that since they adhere to the Nicene Creed, that makes the institution Christian. She has prophesied a "move of the Spirit of God" coming to the Catholic Church.

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