Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 15th Show: "Christian" Psychic-Medium

(Since I have written so much on my first topic of the show, I'll not elaborate except to give a link to one of my previous articles):

The following is an email from a lady in Australia trying to set me straight on my views of mediumship. My comments in red:

“Hi Jackie-
“I have just read your website, and I am surprised how adamant you are that all prophets outside of your immediate beliefs are corrupt....what a lot you have to learn! I am a Gran, and a Christian, and yes I was born with gifts to see spirit and prophesy. In Romans it says "The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable". 11:29. God does not take away spiritual gifts on the grounds of religious politics.”

Hi Heather– My immediate beliefs are that the Word of God, the Bible, is as it says it is, God-breathed. And as such, my beliefs are all subject to what the Lord has revealed in His Word. So they are not corrupt. We always have a lot to learn and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I too am a grandmother and a Christian as defined by the Word. I too was born with gifts, certain human talents, as were we all. Those are not to be confused with spiritual gifts as described in 1 Corinthians 12 that are bestowed upon the believer by the Holy Spirit when they are baptized in Christ Jesus. If you have a natural-born sensitivity to spiritual things, you all the more need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to discern the voices you’re tuned in to. Remember, it was Eve, not Adam, who first tuned in to the voice of the devil and was thereby deceived. We women tend to be more tuned in to the spirit realm, which is why we’re also more susceptible to deception – especially if we are not grounded in God’s Word and trust His revelation to us. We’re instructed to test every spirit to see if they are of Christ – we test them by His Word.

“I was aware at a very early age of my gifts, and was condemned for them by my own church, a very strict fundamentalist church called the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren. You could not find a this 'phenomena' should have been bestowed on me. Once upon a time, the intollerance was palpable, and now that I have overcome the damage caused by it, I now work for God's a Psychic, Reader and Medium. It is very easy for a 'tidy' Christian like yourself to condemn others. You have not been given the gifts, obviously, or you would be a lot wiser.”

I would venture to guess that you have people in your family line who also manifested what you consider gifts from an early age.  Those are not gifts of the Holy Spirit as poured out upon the born-again believer, but familiar spirits handed down in your family. If a valid church condemned them, they must have tested how your "gifts” were manifesting and discerned they were not trustworthy. I think there’s a lot left out of your story here. You call yourself a “Medium” and yet the Bible clearly instructs God’s people not to turn to mediums, but to turn to the living God. Read the 16th chapter of the book of Acts, starting at verse 16. You remind me of that damsel who followed the Apostle Paul around who practiced soothsaying for money for her masters yet at the same time proclaimed Paul as a servant of God. Paul responded to her as I’m sure the Plymouth Brethren responded to you. They did not want to see a young girl remain in spiritual bondage. Before I came to repentance and received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, I had encounters with deceiving spirits and just thought of them as benevolent ghosts looking out for me. Then after my born-again experience, they turned on me and their true nature was revealed. Oh yeah – I had those “gifts” – I praise my glorious Saviour for rescuing me from their games. They went from being little pranksters to downright bullies overnight. It took the new outpoured gift of the discerning of spirits for me to see them for what they really were.

“As for the scriptures ...... do your homework and accept that they are very contradictory and can be quoted to suit any advantage.”

How sad is that? You have no foundation for testing the spirits you’re hearing from since you reject God’s revelation to mankind. They are NOT contradictory – if there is an apparent contradiction, it is because you do not know Scripture well enough to understand how it all fits together. You are not even capable of coming to that understanding until you are given spiritual eyes to see. You must be born again by the Spirit of Christ for that to happen. And that will only happen when you lay it all before Him, die to yourself, and live your life in submission to the Lord Jesus. Lay down all your opinions, beliefs, possessions, biases, etc., and submit them to Him, repenting that you have been going your own way, calling your own shots and commit your way to Him from now on.

“There are as many verses supporting 'divination' as not. The ancient Jewish Urim and Thumin were divination articles, as was the light reading done from the stones on the breast plates of the priests, and the ancient Jewish Kabbalah is in fact the roots of the Tarot: Palmistry. "God seals up the hand of man so that every man may know his work."-Job. ""Length of days is on the right hand, honour and riches on the left"....Proverbs. Fate...."And in your book they were written. The days fashioned for me when as yet there were none of them"- Romans. The Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest metaphysician of all......preached to the people in hades…did remote healing and discerned spirit, and taught others to do the same. He started many of his prophesies with ‘verily I say unto you ’Where is the cut off point for others doing the same? Where does acceptable prophecy and divination begin and when exactly does it become evil?”

Heather, I have news for you – the Kabbalah is not Scripture. You will find divination promoted in it, but not in the Bible. The high priests during the Temple period in the Old Testament served the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept in the Inner Sanctuary. Their breastplates with the stones were modeled after a heavenly vision. God’s Shekinah glory was in that Temple and so they had access to God then in a way that does not exist today. After the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus of Nazareth, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, those filled with the Holy Spirit are the temples. The veil in the Temple at Jerusalem was torn asunder when Jesus proclaimed from the cross, “It is finished.” He paid the ransom for our sins by His blood. And you must be cleansed by that blood in order to enter into His glory. I find it odd that you would condemn the Bible in one sentence, and use it to justify yourself in another. Jesus was not a metaphysician, He was God manifested in human flesh - the ONLY begotten Son of God. (With the emphasis on "only.")
“Jackie, I think it is political!!!!!   Every faith believes that they alone are true, and that everyone else is imitation. If you truly want to walk in truth, make no statements publicly to attack others. For as surely as you do, God will give you a lesson in humility to prove you wrong. Many of the people you have spoken about come from Christian homes. I lovingly hope you gain some experience through tests and heart felt personal conflict of your own, costly though it might be. It is the only way you will grow past your pre potted perspective.”

I’m not into politics. I have no particular denomination to promote. So you are mistaken in your rash judgment of me. I only speak of Jesus. I don’t tell anyone how to vote, what church to attend, or anything that can be construed political in any way. The Word of God is Truth. Jesus is the Word (See the 1st chapter of John). The Word of God is living and sharper than a two-edged sword (look that one up in a concordance). The wise (wo)man will test all things by those things that proceed from the mouth of God. My trials and tribulations in my life have taught me that Jesus is closer to me when I’m in the fire – just like He was there with the three friends of Daniel who were thrown in the flames for not bowing down to the Babylonian king. My trials prove to me that the Holy Spirit lives in me and gives me peace in the midst of turmoil. I don’t receive your curse on me for more trials. I do however pray for you that the nature of those spirits to whom you give ear will be revealed for who they really are. Read the book, “The Beautiful Side of Evil,” by Johanna Michaelsen and you will see that not all that glitters in the spirit realm is benevolent. Satan and his cohorts disguise themselves as messengers of righteousness and without the full armour of God as described in the 6th chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians, you are at their mercy and they are merciless. You’ll see that breastplate there – you’ll need it.

“Please be honest and add this to your web page.”

Don’t mind if I do

“Yours sincerely, Heather Grace. Adelaide, South Australia.”

Sincerity never saved anyone. You happen to be sincerely wrong. I will continue to intervene on your behalf. I look forward to reading your testimony after you have been set free. Until then-

Yours truly, in Jesus,
Jackie Alnor