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October 11, 2013 SCATTERD SHEEP RECAP: Lance Wallnau: Who's Who in the Great Apostasy

Lance Wallnau is one of the false apostles of the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) headed up by church growth false teacher C. Peter Wagner. Wallnau is the NAR's comedic front man who is featured in many conferences sponsored by a variety of NAR-sympathisers like Rick Joyner's MorningStar, John Arnott'Catch The Fire and Patricia King's XP Ministries. He is associated with Cindy Jacobs and her Generals International.

His grid from which he sees life and ministry is that of Kingdom-Now theology, i.e. Dominionism. He scoffs at Christians who await the LORD's return to rule and reign with Him and says that he and his ilk rule and reign now as they pursue worldly and carnal success in their 7-Mountains of influence over culture: government, church, education, family, media, arts, and business. Wallnau scoffs at Christians whose only interest is evangelism, seeing souls won to Christ, and sees them as having a narrow focus since the church mountain is no more important than the other six in his view.

Wallnau says that he is a member of an organization called Global Priorities. Perhaps that is what influenced him to adopt evangelization of nations in lieu of evangelism of individuals with the gospel of Christ. Global Priorities is an inter-religious socialistic organization that is pro-United Nations and anti-Zionist.  It even has Islamic members and is "endorsed by the Vatican, the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches" in their common goal of uniting the worlds religion under the banner of peace and love. 

All roads do seem to lead to Rome. The purpose of the Roman Catholic Church's "new evangelization" is directed at cultures, rather than merely individuals:

The New Evangelization "teaches that not only individuals but whole cultures need to be transformed by influence of the Gospel. In her missionary activity the Church encounters different cultures and becomes involved in the process of inculturation. By inculturation the pope means, the intimate transformation of authentic cultural values through the integration in Christianity and the insertion of Christianity in the various human cultures. The new evangelization must strive to incarnate Christian values and open the Gospel message to human cultures. Evangelization according to John Paul should lead to, "a civilization of love." [ ]

This global inter-faith trend in the Catholic and Protestant churches is the seed-bed for the great apostasy of the church and the unification of all faiths under the jurisdiction of the Vatican. This doctrine of demons is paraded under the banner of peace, love, and liberty. "It looks like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon."

The Bible tells us to test the fruit of professing believers when discerning whether or not to listen to them. There are many red flags concerning Lance Wallnau that should tell any Christian to run the other way. Some include:
  • His endorsement of false prophet William Branham, a 'revivalist' of the 50s who had a familiar angel that was required for him to perform miracles. Wallnau says, "Supernatural lights, often called "pillars of fire" were visible in many meetings of Wm Branham... Branham was a pioneer of the gifts of the Spirit in post WWII. He rocked the global religion mountain as a forerunner. You are the NEXT runner in the 7 Mountains. You are the supernatural 7M Gen."
  • His elevation of the spirituality of new age goddess Oprah Winfrey. Wallnau has a meme on his facebook page with a quote of Oprah's that reads: "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you Higher." His comment above the meme reads: "If you want to raise the dead, you need to put some people out of the room."
  • Wallnau points his followers to the prognostications of false prophet Bob Jones, well-known for his blunders as a Kansas City Prophet when he was caught using his so-called prophetic office to get young ladies to disrobe for the pleasure of the prophet. On his facebook page he links to the latest "Shepherds Rod" in which Jones says God gave him an egg and he broke it and fire came out, thus predicting the next fire revival to sweep the country: something he and his fellow false seers have been saying for 20 years or more.
  • His sensational promises used to con people out of their hard-earned money such as what he told those who would go with him on vacation. The vacation package to Mexico boasts: "You will be together for 5 Days and 4 Nights of divine visitation while learning the worlds sharpest tools, practices and strategies for WEALTH CREATION, and dominance within your sphere...You will learn how to create and refine your Extreme Dream Blueprint and discover the stages and steps to making it manifest. You will learn key's to supernatural business explosion as you partner with God in building a kingdom enterprise."  
Link to Scattered Sheep Report of 10/11/2013

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