Monday, February 28, 2011

February 25 Show: Desperate 'Christian' Housewives

A girl I'll call Veronica showed up on my facebook singing the praises of prosperity teacher Paula White. She was posting some of Ms. White's shameful Youtube clips of her preaching. I warned Veronica and her other friends who commented favorably toward the clips not to listen to her as she is a false teacher. Several of these Pauliannas responded with hostility to my efforts to steer them away from danger.

They said that people like me who scoff at God's spokespersons were in danger of touching God's anointed - the usual spiritualized pat response. Veronica defended the prosperity gospel using Psalm 23 saying, "my cup overflows. What better prosperity gospel then that?"

After she defriended me, I looked at her facebook info page to see if this woman with over 2,000 friends in her social network was in some sort of ministry. Seems she attends Paula's church but it is unclear if she is on staff. What really surprised me was her listing of her favorite TV shows which included "Desperate Housewives." That is known to be one of the most immoral series on television. Why would this woman who seems to have a personality other women follow list an obscene program as a fave?

So I checked out the other women who stood up for "Pastor Paula" in that facebook thread, and though they each identified themselves as Christians on their info pages, they too linked to the strangest movies and television shows as their own personal favorites.

Kathy likes Psychic Kids, a program I've since found out is one that finds children who get visited by ghosts or have psychic abilities and tries to encourage them to engage the very things that haunt them, telling them they're special. This is spiritual child abuse and yet this 'Christian,' Kathy, recommends it to all her friends. She also likes the shows, Paranormal State, Twilight Movie, The Bad Girls Club, Ghost Hunters, Ellen Degeneres and Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural."

Wow! Can a person be committed to Jesus Christ and embrace the demonic like that? What a horrible contradiction.

Another girl, Jo (none are real names), posted to her info page that she is a "real Christian with a relinquished spirit, not a Sunday Church Faux with a religious spirit." Ok - that's impressive. So what are her favorite forms of entertainment? She loves Joel Osteen, Malcom X, Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey. You know, the sort of role models Christian women should have - not!  Her favorite movies include one about a high-class prostitute, Pretty Woman. Other films she loves are Obsessed, Dirty Dancing, and The Hangover.

After looking through many of these cultural Christian women's facebook info pages, it dawned on me that this is the typical modern woman claiming the name of Christ if they discovered their "faith" on Christian television. This is the fruit of what the televangelists produce. This is the church of Laodicea in the flesh. 

When today's churches have fashion shows instead of Bible studies for their women, or bring in cosmetic surgery consultants to speak to the ladies, you know we've entered the new era leading to the formation of the Great Harlot. I mean why not? Nothing like a whore on a horse to represent today's modern 'Christian' imitator of the likes of Paula White, Juanita Bynum and Jan Crouch.

As a woman, this grieves my spirit because I know the Holy Spirit grieves over this compromised carnal church. The teaching of holiness and sanctification in these circles is met with scorn and ridicule. One who brings the Bible message of holiness is told they have a religious spirit. These Pauliannas are the ones doing the mocking and stepping on what's holy. 

Jesus wept.



  1. Wow, what a sad commentary on these women. It sure does open your eyes to just how destructive the Paula Whites of the TV industry are.

  2. This is something we see over and over again! Women seem to be especially prone to following such "leaders." Thank you for calling it what it is!

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