Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 11 Show: UFOs - Supreme Being or Superior Beings

Recently an episode of the UFO Sci-Fi series, "V", featured Vatican City. The "visitors" in the story are from another galaxy and their leader, Anna, says they are here to help Earth and bring in an era of peace. However, secretly she is a sinister reptilian who intends to use human women to breed with their own species. Her alien crew has divided loyalties. Those who have contact with humanity develop man's emotions and with their newly found compassion are trying to overturn Anna's control.

Her opponents, the Fifth Column, are in collusion with discerning humans who see through Anna's facade and are trying to warn others not to trust her. Most earthlings believe her promises and are agreeing to board the alien ship, not knowing they won't come back alive. One of the human conspirators is a priest who preaches against trusting the "visitors" from the pulpit. Anna wants him silenced, thus her purpose in going to the Vatican.

When the college of cardinals welcome Anna, she requests that they order all their clergy around the world to refrain from speaking out against the visitors. They told Anna they could not do that to which she responded, "Our gifts to the people of Earth, the healing centers, blue energy, red rain - are merely products of highly advanced science, but also viewed as miracles by many. It would be tragic for centuries of faith to suddenly turn from you to me, all because I can be mistaken as someone with answers...How many more miracles do you think it would take for your followers to look to me?" 

Then she demonstrated her powers by rubbing two crystals together and out came streaks of blue energy swirling around the room and around a white statue of Mary who then cries blue shiny tears. The cardinals then capitulate to her demands and censure all priests threatening violators with expulsion.

This scenario is not as far-fetched as some might think. Many books have been written speculating that the coming Antichrist may indeed step off the deck of a UFO and perform great signs in wonders so that the entire world "wonders after the beast." Certainly nothing that has been seen thus far in the lying signs and wonders movement of charlatans like Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley has impressed many people. No one wonders after those beasts. But the Antichrist and false prophet will certainly amaze the world - today's religious illusionists merely pave the way for acceptance.

The blue ball of energy demonstrated by Anna reminds me of something written in my husband Bill's 1993 book, UFOs in the New Age: Extraterrestrial Messages & the Truth of Scripture. "Many UFOlogists speculate that the famous apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 could have been an alien, and the three children...contactees. The apparition bears no resemblance to Bible accounts of angelic messengers. The entity was described as a 'celestial being' that came from the sky in a globe of light. One witness was quoted as saying that 'it looked like a disc, of a very definite possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl. The globe of light in these accounts is reminiscent of the way the good witch Glenda looked in the movie, The Wizard of Oz."  

There seems to be a history of the Roman Catholic Church being contacted by these  alien (demonic) entities masquerading as Marian apparitions. Their messages always affirm the errors of Rome and the false worship of idols and the eucharist - both traits of the Mother Harlot in the book of Revelation.

Are people being conditioned to welcome the space brothers? The trend in religion to look within to find the inner self, AA's exhortation to find the higher self, and even Glenn Beck's encouragement to find your inner power all point to the acceptance of a "superior being." The idea of a Supreme Being seems to be archaic to those who have not a love for the Truth.

When the problems on this planet increase to where distress of nations with perplexity hits its zenith, the space brothers may seem to be man's only way out of the mess they've created. What is happening today is in advance of the landing. Then they will be ready for the one with all the answers.




  1. [1/2] These aliens are nothing more than demonic spirits. When I first God saved, I was reading a story with Jesus at the well with the woman and as I was reading I saw vivid picture trying to project to my head that showed very graphic pictures of Jesus with the woman and it offended my spirit before I could see the picture it got blocked (by God) and as I was falling to my knees in travail, I saw, in X-Ray colors the exact same being many describe today as Aliens from outer space.

    First of all, these disembodied beings, take on physical appearance by extreme witchcraft on human beings that mutate their bodies and make these taken over persons to look exactly the way they do, disembodied. These mutated humans are able to die, being that they are flesh. Having no ability to manifest a tangable face on this planet, they must take on the take the idenity of someone else. People will say these are the same beings spoken of in Genesis, the Nephilim, but this will be a lie. They are demons who have possessed humans.

    As Satan mimics everything God does. My belief is that they will come on the scene with the false Christ, in mimic of the 10s and thousands of saints that Jesus said he would come with as Satan promises human bodies for his tired high ranking demon officals. They will parade around as these supernatural beings "ascended masters" with lily white skin "white as snow" and will serve to Satan as aids in the new world order.

  2. [2/2] Does this sinful world really think it will get a visit from some super beings that come in peace and bring it harmony? Not so, the truth is here, the only thing this world will see after is warning, deception, then judgment.

    Years ago, God had given me a revelation from the Word of God and very shortly later when I visted Texas, God had somebody give me a little radio as a gift just to hear the radio station of how Satan had stole the revelation and it ended up in the hands of the Calothic church. I don't recall the date, but it was twisted up by them and the next thing I knew the Pope had send out some official decree and it was something like Mary was the official moon and queen of heaven, and it was a twist and mimic of something else I was working on. After I heard only that, my radio short circuited, and that was it.

    Of course this sounds foolish, but I see you have discernment and God has put you on the path of seeing.

  3. Aliens=demons. UFOs=illusions and delusions. People are preparing themselves for the day that the devils, ie the antichrist and beast, arrive. Hence, Satan's hard work in desensitizing and coercing people to be ready for their arrival.