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The Church Over the State

            President Trump is an American Patriot. His slogan, “Make America Great Again” makes the globalists cringe. His platform of putting America first enrages the socialists on the political Left. Never in the history of America has there been such unreasonable opposition to a Commander-in-Chief. The New World Order and its allies hate the Donald and have spent untold millions of dollars bankrolling his enemies in order to create chaos in the streets. There is no length to where the NWO is willing to go to take Trump down. 

            The president is very aware of the globalist agenda of the United Nations and stands in opposition to the leftist conspiracies against America, Israel, and the western world. Those who have been programmed by the NWO oppose Trump’s efforts to protect this country’s sovereignty, culture, and borders. He’s not in their control as were his predecessors.

            What Trump doesn’t realize is that he has aligned himself with a competing One World Agenda. A song from the 80s put it this way: “Everybody wants to rule the world.” 

            Bible prophecy foretells a global religious system will arise that rides the beast of the political one-world government (Revelation 17). She is personified as a spiritual whore called “The Mother of Harlots.” She cooperates with the antichrist that will turn on her and “burn her with fire” (vs.16). These two competing one-world systems are now developing and will eventually unite. That time is getting very close.

            Let’s take a look at the destinies envisioned by various “Christian” institutions with global ambitions that see Trump as their own personal knight in shining armor.

The Roman Catholic Church’s Destiny

            The oldest group that institutionalized Christianity as a means of controlling the people is, of course, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). It is well documented that this megalith had its start in the fourth century when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity to be the state religion. The bishop of Rome therefore determined he was superior to the bishops in other ancient cities. He took on the emperor’s title of Pontifex Maximus (a title lifted from the Roman Emperors meaning “greatest bridge-builder”) and declared himself the spiritual leader over the kings of the earth. All other bishops had to be subservient to the one at the top of the heap known as the pope, or the “Vicar of Christ.” Later as the traditions of men evolved, he was determined to be infallible and the singular representative of Christ on earth.

            The Roman Catholic Church had global aspirations from the beginning. Secular rulers in Europe, then known as the “Holy Roman Empire,” could not reign without the pope’s blessing (just look at the story of King Henry VIII). To expand their authority, they began adapting the local pagan festivals and pageantry adding ‘Christian’ meanings to them to make them their own. This of course led to the persecution of any Christians that would not recognize the authority of the popes. They also carried the sword (and instruments of torture), as in Constantine’s vision of the cross, “Under this sign conquer,” which justified centuries of crusades and inquisitions.

            The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century kicked the teeth out of the Roman beast, allowing rival Christian institutions to arise, starting in England and then in Germany and beyond. And so the competition for the loyalty and offerings of the laity spread among the others donning clerical robes and mitres to signify their hierarchies. The RCC of today has been stripped of her power over the kings, although given the opportunity; she’d take it all back.

            [The reason for the female pronouns is that the RCC refers to their institution as “The Holy Mother Church.” They personify her as a woman and recent popes have dedicated themselves to another ‘woman,’ the Queen of Heaven, known by many names all believed to be various materializations of Jesus’ mother, Mary.]

            Few people realize that the RCC does have an eschatology, an expectation of the end times. They did not arrive at their vision of coming events from Scripture, but from centuries of sayings of ‘saints,’ mystics, and apparitions. The visions that were ratified by the Magisterium formed the body of ‘knowledge’ and took precedence over Bible prophecies. In fact, the words of Scripture were twisted to comply with and ratify these strange doctrines of demons. And like other extra-biblical prognostications, specified dates have come and gone proving them to be false prophecies, but that has not stopped the ‘faithful’ from trusting in them.

            One of the most famous and trusted visions of the end is Don Bosco (1815-1888) – who built on the vision of the ‘Three Days of Darkness’ predicted by many Catholic saints, including stigmatic Padre Pio. Wikipedia even has an entry for the vision:

“Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837) is the most known seer of the Three Days of Darkness and describes the event in this way: ‘There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy. All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.’”

            [Subsequently to this prediction, many Catholic eschatologists interpret the three days of darkness to be a longer period of time, possibly a three year period during the coming reign of the Antichrist.]

            St. Don Bosco’s famous vision of war ships on the sea and the pope at the helm of one of them trying to escape enemy ships steers it toward the center of two columns. One Catholic website attributes this quote to him of his vision of May 30, 1862:

Breaking through all resistance, the new Pope steers his ship safely between the two columns and moors it to the two columns; first to the one surmounted by the Host, and then to the other, topped by the statue of the Virgin. At this point something unexpected happens. The enemy ships panic and disperse, colliding with and scuttling each other… Many others, which had fearfully kept far away from the fight, stand still, cautiously waiting until the wrecked enemy ships vanish under the waves. Then, they too head for the two columns, tie up at the swinging hooks, and ride safe and tranquil beside their flagship. A great calm now covers the sea. Very grave trials await the Church. What we have suffered so far is almost nothing compared to what is going to happen. The enemies of the Church are symbolized by the ships which strive their utmost to sink the flagship. Only two things can save us in such a grave hour: devotion to Mary and frequent Communion.
[ ]

            A letter from Bosco to the pope gave a prophecy regarding the earlier vision, rebuking the pope and the Magisterium for their lack of zeal. “These things shall inexorable come to pass, all in succession,” Bosco wrote. “Things follow too slowly upon each other, but the great Queen of Heaven is at hand; the Lord’s power is Hers. Like mist She shall scatter Her enemies. She shall vest the Venerable Old Man (from Rome, the Pope) with all his former garments. There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers (May), the rainbow of peace shall appear on the earth.” [“Vision of Don Bosco; Two Full Moons in May; Good Newsletter, Vol 10, No 1, Lent 1998, Bob and Penny Lord)

            The authors concluded, “We are not doomsday people… But we can’t ignore the signs before our eyes…. The two full moons in May will occur again in 1999.”

            To summarize the RCC’s mystical idea of the time of the end: it starts with an apostasy consisting of corruption in the priesthood, decimating church membership (Pedophile priest scandal). An antipope comes to power that abolishes long-held church laws (Pope Francis?). The antipope works in conjunction with a wicked ruler (Antichrist?). Horrible dark times of doom and gloom – wars, earthquakes, upheavals (as Jesus’ prophecies of the birth pangs). The ‘faithful’ church militant kicks into action and with the power of many, many rosaries and Eucharistic adoration, the Queen of Heaven shows up, installs a new holy pope and righteous king, and defeats the antichrist. An undetermined long time of peace follows, all the world is converted to Catholicism, a good worldly king and holy pope are in full control of the new Kingdom of God covering the entire earth. At the end of that long kingdom era, Jesus returns to initiate the eternal heavenly Kingdom and that’s the end of planet earth. Whew!

            “Dominion and the bringing of all temporal authority under the papacy has always been a goal of Roman Catholicism,” wrote Al Dager in the Summer, 2005 issue of Media Spotlight. “What do you think ‘the Holy Roman Empire’ was about?... The entire world will one day recognize the pope as the spiritual head of mankind.”

            Today a very large portion of Catholics believe that the three days of darkness followed by the defeat of the Antichrist is very close at hand. In fact, it is the more devout Catholics who share that collective concern over the unfolding of current events. Gay rights, abortion, terrorism, climate change, corrupt clergy – all point to the unparalleled reign of sin and the devil.

            The global era of peace seems to be a predominant idea in the RCC that can’t happen until the Vatican unites all Christians under her rule. The so-called apparition of ‘Our Lady of Fatima,’ confirmed Bosco’s vision. Cardinal Mario Luigi, the Papal Theologian Emeritus, wrote a letter to the pope, dated Oct. 9, 1994: “Yes, a miracle was promised at Fatima, the greatest miracle in the history of the world, second only to the Resurrection. And that miracle will be an era of peace which has never really been granted before to the world.“… Our Blessed Mother promised us this era of peace if we say the daily Rosary, practice the First Saturday Communion of Reparation, and live lives consecrated in the truth.”

            Rev. Kevin Barrett, the Apostolate Chaplain of Catholic Familyland in Ohio, wrote in his newsletter of March 8, 1999 that “Of all the prophecies Mary made at Fatima, only two have not yet come true; the annihilation of nations and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Remember, all prophesies are conditional and dependent upon our response.” Good thing he added that unbiblical reminder, since he also pointed out in the same letter the Don Bosco put a timeframe onto his pillars-vision. “But before the year 2000, he (Bosco) foretold, the Church would win a glorious victory through the laity who are loyal to the pope, devoted to the Eucharist and to Our Lady.”

            To put this Mariology into some biblical context, Michael Voris, head of a Detroit-centered apostolate called Church Militant, teaches the official catechism of the RCC. He sees prototypes of Mary outside the four Gospels. She is the fulfillment of the Ark of the Covenant since she carried Jesus in her own temple body. She is the ‘new Eve’ since when Jesus told John at the foot of the cross, “behold thy mother,” he represented all of mankind of which she is now the mother. She is the co-mediatrix and co-redemptrix and co-author of our salvation. Voris shared an excerpt from his new book, The Weapon, on his Church Militant website:

            “Mary is a tenderloving mother, absolutely. But She is also the Queen of the heavenly armies, the angels, and Queen of the saints. She may be sweet Mother to us, but to Hell and the devils, She is a terrifying sight to behold… She is the Woman of Genesis, the Woman of the Apocalypse. And She is the greatest terror of the serpent. In Eden, the diabolical legions could not know they had already achieved their high-water mark, their most supreme victory. As the sun set that first night following the Fall of mankind, a new day was in the offing, a slow, constant march of rolling back from their victory. What would appear at the dawn would be a New Woman, a New Eve, Who comes forth brilliant as the dawn, terrible as an army arrayed for battle (Song of Solomon 6:10)… After Eden, Hell searched in vain for the Woman, looking, wondering precisely what the Most High could have meant by the prophetic decree that it would be a Woman who would crush the head of their lord.”

            The Weapon is the rosary – that makes devils quiver. The Bible would identify it as prayers by rote and endless repetitions – that the heathen do thinking God will hear them.

            Rome sees the Catholic Church as the legitimate heir/replacement of Israel. Catholic apologist, Carl E. Olsen wrote in his 2003 article, “Are We Living in the Last Days?” – “The Catholic Church has always understood herself as being the New Israel… Interestingly enough, even Luther and Calvin understood the Church to be the true heir of Israel. They also would have rejected dispensationalism, which only emerged as a method of biblical interpretation in the last two hundred years or so.”

            However another Catholic theologian reviewing the Left Behind series in a major Catholic newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor, admitted the premillennial return of Christ was believed by the early church. “Since the fourth century, when the expectation of Christ’s imminent return passed, the Catholic Church (and subsequently most mainstream Protestants) has followed Jesus’ instruction that ‘you know not the day or the hour” . . . Following the example of St. Augustine in The City of God, the teaching Church has been cautious about interpreting the visions in Scriptural apocalyptic literature literally, and, most especially, about connecting these visions to contemporary events.”

            So the official RCC teaching is there is no earthly millennial rule of Jesus Christ. Catholic apologist Karl Keating’s ‘ministry’ Catholic Answers gave this official version:

            “Pre-tribulationism is biblically bankrupt and does not know it. What is the Catholic position? As far as the millennium goes, we tend to agree with Augustine and, derivatively, with the amillennialists. The Catholic position has thus historically been ‘amillennial’ as has been the majority Christian position in general, including that of the Protestant Reformers, though Catholics do not typically use this term.”

            Keating is not contradicting Fatima with this statement. The coming days of darkness Rome anticipates is not connected with any millennium rule of Christ personally. They just see the fulfillment of His millennial rule as ruling through them.

            So that brings us to Trump.

            In a recent article in the New York Times, critical of President Trump and his religious allies, such as Michael Voris, writer Samual G. Freedman, writes:

            “As the Trump administration prepares to take office, the use of Church Militant theology has gone well beyond its religious meaning and has taken on a political resonance. To fully grasp what “church militant” means in this highly politicized atmosphere, it helps to examine the broader movement and the role of a traditionalist Catholic website called — to no surprise —… Michael Voris, the senior executive producer of, said the website’s positions were a righteous defense of patriotism and morality on behalf of people who believe those virtues have been attacked by liberals, secularists and global elites.”

            Voris is out in the open about his support of Trump. In fact, he credits Trump’s victory with the rosaries recited by all his Catholic viewers of his YouTube channel. He credits Trump’s victory to the number one spiritual weapon prophesied to make the difference during the time of darkness that he sees his church is currently in. On a recent broadcast, Voris elaborated.

“And to Trump has fallen the role (whether he yet realizes it or not) of Constantine, the ambitious man who wanted to be emperor of Rome, but who was ignorant of the fact that Heaven would step in for him for Heaven's own reasons. …  The forces aligned against him were too great. And then Heaven intervened with the famous vision or dream on the night before the battle whereby Jesus Christ told Constantine to bear His standard of the Chi-Ros on his army, and he would win the day. "In hoc signo vinces" — "In this sign you shall conquer." And conquer he did. ..Constantine entered Rome the undisputed emperor, ended the persecution against the Church, and a year later elevated the Church to the level of preferred religion of the empire. … and a new era of history — salvation history — was inaugurated. Whether Donald Trump could unwittingly be another Constantine, in at least holding back the enemies of the Church, who knows? Heaven has certainly used other earthly rulers in the past for Heaven's end — good and bad rulers. Millions of Catholics all over America are in the middle of a 54-day Rosary novena for a good outcome to the election, past the midway point, in fact. Since the start of the novena, almost to the day, Diocletian's fortunes have tumbled and Constantine's have risen, drawing near parity. Could the Rosary be the sign of conquering in this case? If Heaven wills it, yes. But Constantine has to respond correctly.”  Vortex Tuesday, January 31, 2017

            Voris often speaks of the current crisis in the Mother Church. Just look at the stats he shared on a recent Vortex:

“No other religion in America is losing adherents at the rate the Catholic Church is… For each person standing there being baptized, six others have jettisoned the Faith in their lives. At current trends, the Catholic Church in the United States will cease to exist in just 50 years! Stop and think about that for a moment — a story of epic failure. If you are in your twenties or even early thirties right now, you will live to see this: the eradication of the Catholic Church in the United States, with only a few very small tiny pockets here and there.”

            So where does Trump, Pope Francis, and the Queen of Heaven fit into the visions of these Catholic saints and apparitions? When the real Great Tribulation occurs, will Catholics interpret it as the “Three Days of Darkness?” We’ll examine these questions more closely after we examine the other triumphant churches.

            The Catholics now have their Constantine. We will now look at the end times expectations of Protestants and Evangelicals and their new hero, King Cyrus.

To be continued. . .

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