Monday, June 5, 2017


CARRA WON!!!!!!!

The jury came back this afternoon with the decision that Jan Crouch had a 45% liability for a $2,000,000 judgment amount. My source tells me that TBN already said they would appeal. No doubt they will spend more than the $900,000 on attorney costs to do so -- but I'm sure that's fine and dandy with the legal sharks.

At least this is a psychological win for Carra - but it might not cover her student loans after her own legal fees come out of the amount, if and when it's paid. The big, giant disappointment is how all of this has been pretty much ignored by the Christian media. The institutional church doesn't give a rip. They will continue to wage their own public relations campaign by ignoring anything that gets in the way of their use of the airwaves. They've struck a deal with the devil -- they lose in the long run.

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