Thursday, February 18, 2016


Member/s of a Herbert W. Armstrong cult have deceptively started a Facebook page called Rapture Ready International Ministries. People thinking they are joining in uplifting discussions about the soon return of Jesus instead are led into false teaching. On this FB ‘about’ page they list their website as - which is the site of Rapture Ready, a website that keeps believers up-to-date on news items and articles about the end times.

No doubt, the majority of the subscribers to this FB page are friends of Rapture Ready and listeners of Rapture Ready Radio.

The problem came to my attention on February 17, 2016 when a meme of the inside of a cathedral showed up in my timeline with the words, “There is no such thing as the trinity! There is only 1 God.”  It linked to a page called “Real Bible” that was discovered to be associated with the United Pentecostal Church UPC, considered heretical for their “Oneness” doctrine – the belief that God the Father became the Son and then became the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the doctrine of the Trinity that defines God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – distinct, yet One God.

The discussion that followed between me and the FB page’s moderator, Walter Hernandez, consisted of his attempt to denounce the Trinity and defend his viewpoint. To do so, he posted three links to the same source, the United Church of God, producers of the TV program Beyond Today. The UCG on their website calls the Rapture a false teaching, demands legal observance of the Sabbath, and denounces the doctrine of the Trinity.

So I looked up Rapture Ready’s position on the Trinity and posted it in the thread:

"Who is Elohim? Elohim is the plural word for God in the Hebrew language. It can refer to three or more. It is used of the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT throughout the Old Testament. Even though it is translated "God" it should be "Gods." All translators use "God" instead of "Gods" to emphasize the unity of the Trinity. This unity of the Trinity is stated clearly in the Old Testament by using singular verbs with the plural noun, Elohim."

It is just like cults to be sneaky and not operate on the up-and-up. They pretended to be one of us – impersonating – showing RR's link as their own – just to deceive people and try to draw away those who trust Rapture Ready -- Bait-and-switch tactic of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I had already un-friended Mr. Hernandez for coming to my own Facebook page, arguing with my friends about the Trinity and showing Ambassador College as his place of training. Ambassador College is an institution of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, a heretic and dangerous religious leader who taught that we can become gods.

Rapture Ready’s owners, Todd Strandberg and Terry James were contacted and neither of them know Walter Hernandez -- Strandberg confirming that the Rapture Ready International Facebook page has no connection to

If you are one who has been fooled into thinking this FB page is valid, you might want to leave a rebuke in the comments before making a hasty retreat.


After my confrontation of this bogus Rapture Ready Int'l Facebook page, the owner of the page issued this statement after taking the "Ready" out of the title of his page. However he continues to show as his website in the 'about' page.

"There is no relation with the Rapture Ready or any of their publications. I am single out as a heretic because I am standing for the only true and Living God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Check the website and do your own research. He is coming back for us his church of his body. How sad that Christians should be united but there are divisions because we do not fit the theology and their seminary teachings instead if the word of God. How sad the state of this at this moment, but I am not surprise since Jesus Christ was single out as a son of the devil. Thanks God por his matchless Word of truth."

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