Sunday, November 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Shooter: Madman or Hero?

Planned Parenthood Shooter: Madman or Hero?

The recent shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs that left three people dead, including a pro-life police officer, stunned everyone – pro-choicers and pro-lifers alike. People from both sides of the political issue have labeled Robert Lewis Dear a madman or an insane maniac.  But is he really?

If his motive was to put a stop to the killing of unborn babies, as the media is suggesting since he allegedly proclaimed,  “no more baby parts” while being arrested, then is that not a heroic act?

If staff in a Daycare facility were hacking up toddlers, would we label anyone a “madman” for running in guns blazing to prevent another toddler from being slaughtered? Of course not! He would be a hero and be rewarded with some sort of medal of honor.

Liberals are saying the shooting was politically motivated, some blaming Republicans and conservatives. But it sounds more emotionally motivated. If a person truly believes that these dismembered fetal body parts we're all seeing photos of is of human babies - this would be a very normal response.

Thanks to social media, the secret slaughter of the innocents is coming out of the closet. Can a person with a conscience look upon bloody photos of baby parts – disembodied heads, legs, arms, torsos – and turn a blind eye to it?

The pro-life lobby rightfully argues that life begins at conception. And the pro-choice activists say that life begins at birth and as long as a fetus is killed while still in the womb, no harm done. Yet there are many reports of aborted babies coming out alive and being finished off by the attending staff.

So is it unreasonable for someone to take the defense of the unborn to its logical conclusion? Is murder going on in those buildings every day? Are the lives of unborn babies just as human as the lives of 3-year-old toddlers? Is it rational to defend the lives of innocent babies?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then who’s crazy now? It is sheer hypocrisy to insist that unborn babies are just as human as you or I, if you are not willing to back that up with action.

The New Holocaust

The modern-day holocaust of babies in the womb can be compared to the attempted genocide of Jews and homosexuals under the Hitler regime. The government approval of the “final solution” was the law of the dictator. Therefore, German citizens looked the other way as smoke rose up from the concentration camps. When the American military liberated Auschwitz and saw the remains of the carnage, they forced the local Germans to see things up close -- they were considered accomplices to the crime since they knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it. Civilized humanity was appalled at the German people for their complacency.

Christians are responding in horror to attacks on abortion clinics. They are appalled that they would be blamed for such acts of violence. If it is blamed on "fundamentalists" does that mean true "fundamentalists" would not want to be judged capable of going to such an extreme to save defenseless children? Would it be a shame to "fundamentalist" Christians that one of their own would shoot up a gas chamber and kill executioners? Would these same Christians condemn the Corrie ten Booms for defying the law by helping potential victims escape certain death?

We are all hypocrites who say the lives of unborn babies are equal to the lives of toddlers. We must stop saying we believe that when we really don't. Because if we did, we would applaud all abortion clinic bombers. We have to be honest with ourselves - we do not believe our own rhetoric. I include myself since I could never take up arms against Planned Parenthood.

So lets get real. We either treat these babies as victims of a holocaust and respond as humans, or we stop claiming fetuses are just as human as children - or people of any age for that matter.

Abortion is truly the national sin of America. We are all guilty for saying one thing and doing another. We have not gone so far as to shed our own blood to save the lives of innocent babies  -- so their blood is on our collective hands. We cannot turn our noses down at the German citizens of the 1940s, while we are guilty of the same sin of omission. 

The prophet Daniel in his prayers confessed his own sin and the sin of his people Israel. Should we not be doing the same in our prayers and confess our own sin and the sin of America?

--A fellow coward and hypocrite

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