Thursday, January 2, 2014

Leaving RRR

Dear friends -

I have decided to stop my four-year long program on Rapture Ready Radio, the Scattered Sheep Report. It seems to have stagnated as far as downloads go for the past couple of years. The technical issues I've been having with blogtalk have been frustrating - especially when I have no control over it. I'll keep my Scattered Sheep blog going as well as my Youtube account and hope I can start publishing reports via video there instead of just audio. That way the programs will stay in my Youtube account and not, like my past RRR shows, get lost in the archives.

For now I"m focusing on getting organized - my research is a mess right now - and finish and publish my book on Amazon. I would appreciate all your prayers.

Concerning the times that we're in, my assignment from the LORD that I've been doing for over a decade to warn the body of Christ of the apostasy going on is complete. The church has had her warning and now lots of saints have taken up the task.

I see the time is right to get the message of salvation and the soon return of the LORD to the highways and hedges by pointing out to the unsaved world the signs all around them. This will be a daunting task due to the way people like Harold Camping have made prophecy a laughingstock, but with God all things are possible.

Although I took a break from facebook, I see the importance of keeping these lines of communication open with fellow scattered sheep. I do not see my fb page as a place for naysayers to come in and give us a hard time for believing what the Bible has to say, so those 'friends' will be weeded out when they reveal themselves.

So let's stay on the alert - watch and be sober. His coming is soon. Let's pray for one another.

Keep on the lookout!

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